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There is a one-time administration fee of $37.50 + taxes, good for 1 year to cover the cost of setting up your account and providing support on our toll free line.

You can use this form to signup and pay by credit card, or you can call 1-877-801-9663 to speak live to a Customer Service Representative Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST to make your payment.

Step 1. Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name:
All subscriber information is kept strictly confidential. We occasionally send our subscribers e-mail messages with service updates and our special offers.
Referred By Phone Number: leave blank if none.
(format xxxxxxxxxx i.e 5195551212)
Step 2. Account Information
Phone 1:  (i.e. 5195555555 - usually home number)
This phone number will become your account number! Please do not register using public phone numbers such as university residences, pay phones, etc. as other people using the same phone will have access to your account.
Pin Code:  (i.e. 5555 - 4 digit number)
Please select a confidential pincode!
Phone 2:  (i.e. 5195555555)
Phone 3:  (i.e. 5195555555)
  You may specify up to 2 more phone numbers that you wish to make calls FROM. The pincode you chose above will apply to all of your phone numbers.
Step 3. Billing Information
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Step 4. General Information
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 Please notify me by email of new Call Zone cities, special long distance rates and special offers.
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