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We understand Canadian consumers are looking for a simple and inexpensive long distance solution to help keep them connected with their family and friends. Say YES to the freedom of Call Zone for one low annual fee of $37.50 to start enjoying ZERO cents a minute in your zone and low cost international rates anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check your phone number to see if you are in the Call Zone!

Become a Zoner and start saving today!
Key Benefits
Unlimited minutes of FREE calling anywhere in your Zone, anytime of day
Free access to Call World's low international long distance rates
Zero cents a minute - No per minute charges for long distance calls
No contract to sign - No need to switch phone companies
Easy to Use - No Internet connection or PC necessary
Travel with Call Zone - Use from anywhere in your Zone for free
Portability - Use from a cell phone, dorm room or even a pay phone
Zoner-to-Zoner - Unlimited FREE calls between Call Zone members
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